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The poem “Two Mothers” was the inspiration for the healing groups that Mary Johnson-Roy initiated for parents whose lives have been impacted by homicide. On Friday, August 27, 2010, she and Carolyn Green, the mother of the young man who took her son’s life, met and reconciled...17 1/2 years after harsh words were exchanged in the courtroom. At the time, each mother was under an enormous amount of having lost her only son to homicide, and the other about to lose her only son to prison. In the end, LOVE won out.

“Two Mothers”

Long time ago, so I have been told,

Two angels once met on streets paved with gold.

“By the stars in your crown,” said the one to the other

“I see that on earth, you too, were a mother.

And by, the blue-tinted halo you wear

“You, too, have known sorrow and deepest despair...”

“Ah yes,” she replied, “I once had a son,

A sweet little lad, full of laughter and fun.”

“But tell of your child.” “Oh, I knew I was blessed

From the moment I first held him close to my breast,

And my heart almost burst with the joy of that day.”

“Ah, yes,” said the other, “I felt the same way.”

The former continued: “The first steps he took-

So eager and breathless; the sweet startled look

Which came over his face – he trusted me so.”

“Ah, yes,” said the other, “How well do I know”

“But soon he had grown to a tall handsome boy,

So stalwart and kind – and it gave me so much joy

To have him just walk down the street by my side”

“Ah yes, “ said the other mother,

“I felt the same pride.”

“How often I shielded and spared him from pain

And when he for others was so cruelly slain.

When they crucified him – and they spat in his face

How gladly would I have hung there in his place!”

A moment of silence - “Oh then you are she -

The mother of Christ”; and she fell on one knee.

But the Blessed one raised her up, drawing her near,

And kissed from the cheek of the woman, a tear.

“Tell me the name of the son you love so,

That I may share with your grief and your woe.

She lifted her eyes, looking straight at the other,

“He was Judas Iscariot: I am his mother.”

Author Unknown

Two Mothers: The Poem